This doesn’t mean that your company has a good work culture! (Blog #34)

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It was Friday afternoon and as I met up with a client for lunch for a delicious beef krofta baguette and some beautiful crème brûlée at one of our favourite places in Adelaide, Muratti, we got onto the topic of work culture.

It amazed me at how she described her company’s work culture. And how after that description she believed that the company she was working for were leading the way in that area.

The conversation went like this, “When you put it down on paper our company is doing pretty good in that field… I guess. They’re making sure people are developing and are putting the responsibility on managers to make sure their team is covered as far as courses and other things are concerned, so… I guess it’s pretty good.” (Are you kidding me?)

All of this was said with a tone that was a little bit too unsure and timid. I think it’s safe to say her tone alone indicated deep down inside she wasn’t convinced either.

My reaction?

“Victoria, you can usually tell when people are happy with where they work and let’s just say that it’s not coming through with what you’ve just said or how you’ve just said it. And, didn’t you say to me a couple of weeks ago that it was plagued with politics, hidden agendas and inefficiencies?”

In a nutshell, even the job I hated the most for any outsider seemed not like a good job, but like a freaking great job.


Well, it had all the perks that a great office job has. The office looked great. They provided all the things that they were legally meant to plus more, life insurance, income protection, a superannuation scheme, etc.

So, why did I and a good chunk of the people there HATE IT?

Because all those things count for nothing, when the everyday culture of the place is a “protect your own butt no matter what” culture.

Blog Tip #34 – It’s the everyday things that you go through at your job, no matter how tiny or big, that contribute to whether you work in a healthy work culture or not. All those things that look good down on paper don’t build a good work culture! All they can merely do, at the most, is complement it, if there’s a good work culture already in place.

What did you think about blog post #34?

What does a good work culture look like to you?

What is it about your work culture that has actually made a difference to your everyday work-life?

Tell me about it by leaving a comment below.

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