Is your work turning you into an Igor? (Blog #35)

igor character wiht latern

One of the most ridiculous things that I’ve been told by managers and other employees, when commenting on why someone is so miserable, moody or pissed off, all the time, at work, is that it’s just how they are. Like it’s a character trait to constantly be mad, pissed off and down in the dumps.

Sure, there are negative people in the world. But when you’re seeing this is a person every day at work it’s safe to say, with no hesitation, that it’s a direct result of their environment. In other words – they hate their job.

And it astounds me at how obvious these signs are and yet people still refuse to believe that the cause is their job.

3 examples for you.

Example 1
“Tina is so difficult to deal with and she is so moody and pissed off all the time. She doesn’t want anyone talking to her and constantly seems depressed and in a bad mood. It’s obvious she hates her job.”

Manager: “Oh no. She’s doesn’t hate her job. It’s just how she is. She’s like an igor that’s all. That’s her character.” (Are you freaking kidding me?)

Example 2
Mimoza: “Why is Karen so difficult to talk to all the time. Every time you go up to her it’s like you’re draining blood from her or something.”

Manager: “You know she has 5 kids between herself and her partner and every time I see her react like that I just remind myself that that’s probably why.” (Yep, and it’s nothing to do with the fact that she hates her job, of course not. (lol!))

Example 3
“How’s Lachy going with his job now? Is he happier these days?”

Manager: Looks at me a bit confused. “Yeah, he’s fine. What made you think he hated his job?”

Mimoza: “Because he literally said to me that he hates his job with a passion and makes no secret of hiding it, word for word.”

Manager: Looks puzzled and shrugs it off like nothing important. “No, he’s fine.” (No he wasn’t. The manager simply got use to him always being miserable).

There were two approaches that seemed to be used by managers and employees that I worked with. It was either, “That’s just how they are” or the manager would try and find any excuse under the sun to justify and ignore the fact that it had to do with WORK!

How much more obvious did it need to be?

Blog Tip #35 – Don’t complicate it. If you’re feeling unhappy, frustrated, annoyed, etc, AT WORK. Then there’s something that is bugging the living daylights out of you AT WORK. Not across the road, not because of something that happened to you a year ago. AT WORK! Whether it’s the work system, a person, a degrading task – it’s AT WORK.

Acknowledge it for what it is and do something about it. Don’t fall into the trap of accepting it as it being just the way you are.

To read about how work environments can change a person to the point where you feel like you never knew them, check out my blog post #3 – …then he said “Go and get nicked!” – How an ugly environment produces ugly behaviour.

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