6 work culture issues that will do your head in daily (Blog #37)

Employee confused.

Well, it’s been one hell of a ride with you so far, telling you all about my experiences in the corporate world, the good, the bad and the ugly. And with #37 blog posts down, I can tell you I’m only just warming up.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to pull apart experiences, theories, ideas and perceptions and just get down to the bottom of what worked and what was an absolute waste of time. All the things I wish someone from my uni lecturers/tutors, managers or senior colleagues, ANYONE could’ve told me about.

I still can’t believe how such an important topic that so plainly determines the success of a business can be so overlooked. To the point that when it’s mentioned it gets covered in such a broad context that it doesn’t even get close to touching the things that actually make a difference.

From the university business graduates to the mangers, senior managers and CEOs – there’s a gigantic gap in the actual understanding of what makes you dread your job like the plague on a daily basis and what needs to be done to improve it.

As I’ve mentioned to you in numerous blog posts, that’s the reason why I needed to start writing about this topic. I was going crazy and at how much people were missing the point.

And what completely blow my mind is how people within very senior positions, with a lifetime of work experience behind them, could be so wrong about it. How is it that they could still believe that we’ve got work culture covered by shouting a lunch here or there, or by providing a few extra days of leave a year?


With every blog post that I write, my aim is to explain to you how good your workplace/job could be by using my experience, knowledge and advice.

Why? Because there’s this overwhelming belief that it just has to be that difficult, stressful, miserable, etc. It’s simply what comes with a corporate job. (Yeah, only if you’ve never seen any better and don’t know any better.)

But other than just sharing another blog post with you, which I look forward to doing every week, this time I’ve taken it a step further.

I’ve put together a FREE 7-Day Mini Course on the work culture issues affecting your life daily and the reasons behind it.

Yes, those 6 things that will do your head in every day. What everyone working in the corporate world should know and understand.

By the end of this FREE 7-Day Mini Course you’ll have a better understanding on the work culture issues faced in everyday corporate life than a lot of mangers I’ve worked with, with 20 plus years’ experience. And if you think I’m exaggerating, simply check out blog post #9 – 3 signs that you’re a corporate dinosaur. This is a really good example of how off the mark managers can be.

Who’s it for?

Everyone working in the corporate world or aiming to get into the corporate world. The beginners (newbies and uni students), those with a decent amount of experience and managers, no matter how far up.

Beginners (aspiring uni students or newbies at work)
It’d be great to have a good understanding of all these issues at the start. Trust me, if I was able to spot all these things when I first started off, I’d have avoided many, many moments of self-doubt, low confidence and confusion over sometimes the simplest things.

Those with a decent amount of experience
Even if you’re well experienced you may be surprised at what you’ve become oblivious to over the years. What you simply can’t spot anymore. You may think you’re happy, but there’s a good chance that you’ve become one of those people that have simply settled. One of those people that say, “I like my job” but…

  • have lost their hair due to stress
  • have let their health go, and anyone that sees them after a long time is absolutely shocked at the change
  • have asked to have Mondays permanently off as the thought alone of going to work on a Monday causes them to experience severe migraines.
  • are always in the worst mood at work and are only a little bit happier on a Friday.
  • can’t stop complaining about it or gossiping.
  • needs wine at the end of the day to get through it all
  • always looks forward to a project being over and done with and hopes that things will be a bit better after that
  • says things like, “It’s not that it’s that bad, it’s just…” and finishes the sentence with every excuse under the sun, other than just admitting that, yes, it’s really that bad.

Sound familiar?

And managers
Even if you think you’ve got it covered, which there’s a good chance that you don’t, take it as a refresher that covers a point of view that you may not have considered. What might not be bothering you, might be bothering all those other people working under you (hint hint).

How do you get your hands on my FREE 7-Day Mini Course and find out what those 6 issues are that do everyone’s head in daily?

It’s easy! Simply subscribe TODAY by clicking right here and it’s yours within an hour! Or simply scroll to the bottom of this blog post and subscribe! It takes about 5 seconds to subscribe.

It’s safe to say I’ve seen a lot of unnecessary suffering and I don’t want this to happen to YOU!

It’s still going to suck a bit, but let me make it less gruelling for you by sharing with you all the things I wish someone told me about the corporate world 10 years ago.

Subscribe TODAY and get the 7-Day Mini Course FREE!

Talk to you next week, where I’ll give you a prime example of a HR work culture activity that did nothing other than waste valuable company time. This one’s a beauty.


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