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It was March 2011, about two months into my new job and as I was walking down Rundle Mall (Adelaide, Australia) with my husband, for a nice dinner and a little bit of shopping afterwards, I turned to him and said, “If for whatever reason I was called into work right now, I’d be more than happy to go even though it’s a Friday night!”

Have you ever been able to say anything similar? Or, even experience anything that came close to that?

Have you ever truly felt happy to go to work the next day? And I mean genuinely happy not “I should be happy to have this job” happy. Without feeling that sick feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach?

Ever wished you could put forward your ideas and thoughts at work comfortably without an ounce of concern or hesitation?

Do you dread dealing with certain colleagues? And even go as far as avoiding them altogether?

Does it feel like your colleagues aren’t on your side? And when you do ask them for help it’s like their doing you a favour as oppose to helping a team mate?

Do you often question your managers requests and ideas or feel as though they’re not in tune with what is actually happening in the company? But you’re still reluctant to say anything about it and you just go along with it?

Do you often find yourself confused with the task you get given and the process involved – like it doesn’t match?

Have you been advised more than once by someone you work with not to speak to certain people or certain teams?

If you can relate to the questions I’ve asked above then it’s safe to say that the company you work for has work culture issuesbig time!

How do I know? Because these are all the things I’ve experienced in my 10 years and 9 jobs working in corporate world.

So, come join me at 10 Years & 9 Jobs where every week I’ll talk about what work cultures issues I experienced, the methods used to deal with these issues and, more importantly, what actually worked and what didn’t. Subscribe today!

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